The division tool is magnificently long and respond with some smart suction-release vents, need to you get ahead to soft home furnishings or lines. The slide-down cleaning brush is soft, dressing in reality. From ceiling cobwebs to maneuvering around accessories on the panel edge, it gets our thumbs up.

The upholstery tool isn't too inferior. It's a little on the narrow side for our taste.The air-release courses at the side strike an excellent balance in between cleansing energy and staying with the material. For harder couch coverings we 'd default to the Tangle-Free Turbine tool; for fragile suede and cloth upholstery, this light pet hair vacuum makes the job done.

Out on public carpet, on the carpet where our two pet dogs invest most nights, the high Turbine flooring head uses exceptionally decent pet-hair pick-up. The top does not extend too far listed below the tools. An operating plate so does not dig running into the stack. The outcome is an excellent de-fluffing of your carpet in just some passes.

With this tool, the Big Ball cleaner finished our 30cm test spot of blend Collie and Labrador hair in 10 seconds-- which only enters our spec for powers "pet-specific" exhaustion status. Paradoxically, we likewise attempted the Musclehead on a comparable test spot. It took just a couple of seconds more to read the location, its extra suction almost negating the Turbine tool's brush bar.

The right star of the program here is the Tangle-Free Turbine tool. While too little and not articulating enough to utilize quickly on great locations of open carpet, its family pet hair efficiency on carpets, mats, the pet's bed and upholstery is superior. It cleaned our test spot in 10 seconds, its first pick-up offsetting its much tiny finished size.

While these are quite significant pet-hair cleaning results with all three heads, none is truly noteworthy extraordinary in its right when it pertains to our furry good friends. I cannot assist believing that a motor-powered turning brush bar flooring head would raise the Huge Ball's pet-hair cleaning efficiency from great to exceptional.

Anywhere this design does rating over Dyson's V6 and V8 cordless designs is bin capability. The substantial 1.6-litre container suggests you can pick up an outstanding location before it requires dumping, and the great cyclone does a great task of defeating furball tumbleweed within a thick mat that leaves of the bin with ease.


While the 6.5 m mains cable television and 1.5 m tube are only average in the year, the versatile control, and long length tubes go some method to make up for the unusually slightly limited reach. We handled to meet all our stairs by leaving the soap at the bottom and working half-way up, then taking the opposite from the top.

If you do want to serve and tidy, the Big Ball is no feather-weight. It does possess an extremely compact footprint, creating it simple to put on each action. The articulating deal with drops the tendency for the tube to yank the cleaner off the action.

There's no option to be made when it pertains to tools for the stairs; the Tangle-Free Turbine tool is almost ideal. It's little enough to utilize on carpeted actions and the vertical uprights, and simple to obtain into corners and walk around, thanks to the articulating deal. It cleans up well, too, thanks to the turning brushes and excellent suction.

Given that the crevice tool, cleaning brush, and upholstery brush will be clipped to the manage or tubes, changing to these for learning cleansing is similarly sturdy and reliable. This is a terrific cleaner all around for stairs, banisters and those difficult locations that spiders want to call a house briefly.


The Cinetic Big Ball Animal is an excellent cylinder cleaner in its right, and the Animal suffix includes the right Tangle-Free Turbine tool. This makes it even much better at hitting up family pet beds, upholstery, and stairs.

Impressive tool style, great power power, and the inspired filter-free Cinetic addition put this design up there at the top of its video game.

We reckon it might be much better still. With a longer cable television, more handy tube and mobile tools, the Big Ball would be unsurpassable. 

An effective cleaner: it's flexible, proficient, simple to empty and there are no filters to tidy.